Frequently asked questions about ETOC 2022.

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Q: ETOC 2020 has been moved to 2022. Does this cause changes in your Event Centre, terrains or competition days?

A: Yes. The new programme is on the website. Also courses have been affected and maps updated.

Q: Who is your course setter?

A: We have three! In order for them to be able to concentrate on their work, we divided the job between three experienced course setters: Åke Jacobson (OK 77) for PreO 2 and Relay, Martti Inkinen (Rajamäen Rykmentti) for PreO 1, and Roope Näsi (Alahärmän Kisa) for TempO.

Q: Is the Event Centre Kisakallion Urheiluopisto (Sports Institute) suitable for wheelchairs?

A: It is more than suitable! They have extensive experience of hosting events in wheelchair sports. There is accessible accommodation, and of course, the restaurant and the meeting rooms are accessible. Kisakallio has, amongst others, hosted Wheelchair Curling World Championship qualifications.

Q: Will there be public events during ETOC 2022?

A: Yes, the public can take part in public events every competition day. They are on the ETOC 2022 courses. Of course, these are not official competitions, as the public can, if they want to, find out right answers before start. Programme.

Q: Are there any competitions in Finland the weekend before ETOC 2022?

A: Yes, there will be FinTrailO 2022 close to ETOC tempo terrain (not organised by us). Also there will be several foot orienteering events around the ETOC week.

You can find hem here. The list will be updated during spring!

Q: Can I reach the Event Centre Kisakallio by public transport?

A: You can take a bus to Lohja and taxi from there (~15 km). But you can also rent a car at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: https://www.finavia.fi/en/airports/helsinki-airport/access/car-rental

Q: Which results service do you use?

A: We will use SportIdent, ANT and preoresultat.se 🇸🇪

Q: Will you publish the results in the competition centre on TV or monitor or do we need to bring our own tablets and laptops?

A: We will have the results on monitors and screens!

Q: Will there be a banquet on Sunday night?

We will organise a small social event at the Relay Competition Centre after the race. It is mainly for people to be able to mingle and eat some snacks.

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