Other orienteering events

The page will be updated in September 2021.

ETOC 2020 has been moved to 2022. New “other events” will be published shortly. This is the old programme merely for reference:

Trail orienteering

16-17.5 Two PreO competitions by Rasti-Vihti 20 km from Kisakallio and 40 km from Helsinki.

Foot orienteering

There are several open foot orienteering events organised in the evenings during the ETOC week. The participation costs normally between 6 and 10 euros and no pre-entry is needed. On this page, we list the events we know of. The list will be updated as more events are published.

There are also some foot orienteering competitions organised. To them you need to enter beforehand.

Open foot orienteering events

18.5 Angelniemen Ankkurit, Halikko

20.5 Rasti-Vihti, Vihti

23.5. Rastihaukat, Espoo

Foot orienteering competitions

16.5. Karkki-Rasti, middle distance

21.5. Hiidenkiertäjät, middle distance

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