Event Office opens on Tuesday

The Event Office is open at the following times: Date Location   Tuesday 24.5.2022 Kisakallio 14:00–18:00 Wednesday 25.5.2022 Kisakallio 09:00–19:00 Thursday 26.5.2022 Luukki Kisakallio 08:00–17:30 18:00–19:00 Friday 27.5.2022 Luukki Kisakallio 08:30–17:00 18:00–19:00 Saturday 28.5.2022 Veikkola Kisakallio 08:00–18:30 18:00–19:00 Sunday 29.5.2022 Oittaa 09:00–17:00

Embargo for Kisakallio changed

On Wednesday 25 May 2022 it is not allowed to leave the tracks and roads in Kisakallio area (below) except when asked to do so by the organiser. For the rest of the time, as of 20 May 2022, there is no longer any embargoed area in Kisakallio.

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