Name entry deadline approaches

15 May 2022 at 9 CET is the final name entry deadline for ETOC 2022. Please make sure to fill in the names in good time in IOF Eventor. The deadline for lunch bookings at PreO 1 and 2 competition centre is also 15 May. After that, no lunches can be guaranteed.


The ETOC 2022 strongly recommends taking the Covid-19 vaccines available in your country. It will make your entry to Finland much easier. To enter Finland, please check for current information here and here (clear and useful). To take part in ETOC, there are no additional requirements related to the pandemic. However, you are not allowed… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Finland 25-29 May 2022!

European Trail Orienteering Championships 2022 will be organised in Espoo, Finland, 25-29 May 2022. There will be public events on all competition days after the ETOC competition is over. For volunteering opportunities, please check here. See you in Finland! OK 77

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