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Kisakallio Sports Institute, Kaarina Karin tie 4, 08360 Lohja

The Event Centre is Kisakallio Sports Institute, located some 7 km north of the nearest town Lohja and 65 km west of Helsinki Airport and Helsinki Harbour. From Turku Harbour it is 115 km to Kisakallio.

Kisakallio Sports Institute is a non-profit foundation which offers a wide variety of sports, activities and educational opportunities, and has excellent facilities for professional and amateur sports enthusiasts. The Institute was founded in 1949 to be a Gymnastics institute for women of all ages.

Today, Kisakallio Sports Institute is one of the biggest training and education centres in Finland and Europe, with 700 beds and almost 15,000 sq.m. of sport facilities. There are rooms of different standards, well suited to accommodate also athletes using  wheelchairs. A restaurant and café are available and they are open daily from morning until evening.

Kisakallio is surrounded by 250 hectares of wild wood, an area called “Karnaistenkorpi” which is, nationally and internationally, environmentally unique. Karnaistenkorpi is owned by the City of Lohja and the nature trails going through the entire area are maintained by Kisakallio Sports Institute. Also the biggest lake in Southern Finland, Lake Lohja, is just in front.

Room type Price per person per night
Institute level, twin room 45 EUR
Institute level, 3-5 persons room 36 EUR
Hotel, twin room 55 EUR
Hotel, single room 100 EUR

All room prices include breakfast buffet. Lunch and dinner buffet at Kisakallio can be pre-booked for the price of 12.80 EUR / meal. Due to Covid-19, all meals must be pre-booked.

Breakfast 07:00-09:30, Lunch 11:00-14:00, Dinner 16:00-19:00. NOTE: due to possible Covid restrictions, the meal times may be considerably shorter (if groups need to eat separately).

There is a small refridgerator and water boiler in most of the hotel rooms. Institute level rooms sometimes share a bathroom.

Accommodation should be booked as full rooms (i.e. all beds occupied). On our Facebook event there is a thread where you can look for room-mates. Accommodation and meal bookings should be made via email to The deadline for all bookings is 20 March 2022. The invoices will be sent at the latter part of April.

The two upper-most photos are examples from hotel level rooms, the two lower from institute level rooms.

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