Embargoed areas

From 12 October 2018, all potential ETOC 2022 participants, coaches, and team officials, as well all those people who could supply ETOC team members with information about the terrain, are prohibited to enter the embargoed areas shown below. Kisakallio embargoed area has been valid since 9 March 2018. The detailed embargoed areas can be seen in the map register of the Finnish Orienteering Federation (Harjoituskiellot=Embargoed areas). It is allowed to visit Kisakallio Sports Institute and Siuntio Spa as shown on the map.

Map ETOC 2020 areas - Copy

1) Kisakallio, Lohja


2) Luukki, Espoo


3) Oittaa, Espoo


4) Porkkala, Kirkkonummi

Porkkala embargo

5) Siuntio Spa, Siuntio

 Siuntio embargo

6) Veikkola, Kirkkonummi


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