European TrailO Championships: PreO victories to Spain and Sweden

The 2022 European PreO Champions are Alejandro Aguilar Lara, Spain in the P class and Jens Andersson, Sweden in the O class. A difficult Day 2 course produced some significant changes in the results order from Day 1.

An exception was the Spaniard in the P (Physically Challenged) class, who convincingly won both days and finished with 2 more points than anyone else, a superb result from someone relatively new to TrailO. Sweden’s Michael Johansson, champion in 2014, took silver, and bronze went to Vladyslav Vovk, Ukraine.

In the O (Open) class, several of the overnight leading group made mistakes that pushed them down the results list. At the end, four competitors stood with 52 points in total over the two days, with timed control times deciding the medal order. Jens Andersson used 90 seconds in total here, an outstanding effort when compared to most others’ times. Pinja Mäkinen, Finland totaled 24 seconds more for the silver medal; both Andersson and Mäkinen are seasoned competitors with many past medals.  18-year-old Dane Tobias Biering, who has looked a promising medal contender for a while now, took the bronze.

No rest days in this event – next up is the TempO competition, with Qualification in the morning and the Final in the afternoon. More details on

Leading results – PreO overall (Day 2 position in brackets)

O Class

  1. Jens Andersson SWE 52 points + 90 seconds (4)
  2. Pinja Mäkinen FIN 52 + 114 (1)
  3. Tobias Biering DEN 52 + 201 (6)
  4. Janis Rukšans LAT 52 + 255 (2)
  5. Arno Grønhovd NOR 51 + 65 (12)
  6. Antti Rusanen FIN 51 + 122 (8)

P Class

  1. Alejandro Aguilaar Lara ESP 48 + 140 (1)
  2. Michael Johansson SWE 46 + 132 (3)
  3. Vladyslav Vovk UKR 44 + 427 (6)
  4. Pavel Dudik CZE 44 + 626 (2)
  5. Søren Saxtorph DEN 42 + 197 (13)
  6. Ola Jansson SWE 42 + 295 (14)

Fully-detailed results can be found here.


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