The ETOC 2022 strongly recommends taking the Covid-19 vaccines available in your country. It will make your entry to Finland much easier.

To enter Finland, please check for current information here and here (clear and useful). To take part in ETOC, there are no additional requirements related to the pandemic. However, you are not allowed to enter the competition centres or competition areas if you have any symptoms. We also ask you to keep a safety distance to others when possible.

Short summary: If you are not from the EU or Schengen area, to enter Finland, you need the following:

  • a certificate of a complete and valid vaccination series (either one or two doses depending on the vaccine). OR
  • a single certificate that the person has recovered from covid-19 virus and has gotten one dose of vaccine. OR
  • EU digital COVID certificate that proves the person has recovered from covid-19 within 6 months.

Regardless of where you are from, this applies:

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